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January 2021, "Thoughts Are Things", short film. Position Unit Still Photographer. Short film based on a Librarian Joshua Turner has made it his life’s work to inspire young people in his community with the power of books. Known crew and cast members Ruth Carter, Roger G. Smith, Percy Daggs IV. Production took place in Topanga, California.

Thoughts are things portfolio (update).jpg

April - September 2022, "Necropolis", feature film. Position: Unit Still Photographer. Feature film based on A former Soldier and an orphaned child must fight their way through a global pandemic in order to get to the safe zone known as "Site R". Along the way, the unlikely pair encounters Marauders and government operatives who also want to see them extinct. Production took place in Northern Virginia.

Necropolis Portfolio by Sed Gary.jpg

October 2022, "Senses", short film. Position: Unit Still Photographer. Short film based on a horrific encounter with a stranger, two friends, one blind and other deaf, use their senses to defend themselves from a robbery gone. Production took place in Bethesda, MD.

SENSES Movie poster.jpg
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